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How Can Counselling and Psychotherapy Help?

Counselling/psychotherapy provides a safe environment where problems, anxieties and conflicts in your life can be explored in an atmosphere of confidentiality, acceptance and trust. Counselling/psychotherapy is task orientated and involves talking about whatever is inhibiting healthy psychological functioning. Through attentive listening and the supportive therapeutic relationship the therapist encourages you to engage with and understand confusing, painful or uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, behaviours, fears, memories and dreams.  The goals of counselling/psychotherapy are unique to each individual. Therapy supports people to function healthier in their day to day lives and relationships. It promotes self development and change and enhances positive mental health. Counselling and Psychotherapy helps those who experience:


Problems in their relationship with self and with others.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Difficulties making and maintaining relationships.

Anxiety, stress, depression and other emotional difficulties. Work related stress, facing redundancy or retirement.

Difficulties in coming to terms with painful/traumatic events in their lives such as bereavement or a significant loss, early family experiences or trauma.

Poor self confidence and low self esteem. Overwhelmed with life crisis and are unable to cope.

Feelings of guilt, shame, frustration or anger. A loss of meaning in their lives.

Addictions. Sexual identity/orientation integration. Physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

Personal development and individuation.

Supervision and Management Support


The practice provides professional supervision, with a BACP Accredited Supervisor, to Counsellors/Therapists and to students on Counselling training courses.

In addition the practice provides external supervision to organisations (private, community/voluntary and charitable) covering a wide range of area's including off site management supervision, on site management support, staff care services and development and organisational development. 

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