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Men's Space Counselling Service 

Men’s Space Counselling Service supports men live better lives. The service offers a safe, private and confidential space that supports men to be heard and to have their experiences validated.Men’s Space recognises that men have been conditioned and disadvantaged by social norms which teaches boys and men:

  • To repress emotions
  • That it’s a weakness to seek out help
  • Men are not supported to talk to each other

None of these messages work and are detrimental to men’s psychological, emotional and relational wellbeing. The service aims to help men move away from destructive coping styles and negative emotional states. Such as repression of emotions, depression, anxiety, stress, fear, addictions, aggression towards others and self.  The service aims to support men to develop their emotional lives, practical life and relationship skills and to feel more connected to themselves and their community.  Working with a male counsellor can help men to have a better understanding and acceptance of their masculinity and develop inner strengths whilst maintaining a sense of self control.

Transitions Counselling Service for 16-25 Year Olds   There is a significant period of change and transition from adolescent to adulthood, yet there are no counselling services supporting young adults through this period of significance change. This service offers young people a safe place to develop and become more independent.

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